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How To Tell What’s Really Going On In A Woman’s Mind!

The popular adage that says that a woman thinks about man Sun and a man thinks about woman Sun is entirely true. However, a woman doesn’t think all the time about her date or her boyfriend. If you want to know what’s really going on in a woman’s mind about your relationship, then read on.

She Remembers The Offence

Most women will remember what a man did to hurt her feelings or offended her. for example, if someone brought up a neutral subject that she had knowledge of but was not asked to give her opinion, she will know because she “feels slightly offended.”This is an example of where a woman remembers what another woman said to her about an issue, but she has no emotional attachment to it. Even though it didn’t go according to plan, she isn’t necessarily”angry” at the man when you aren’t sure what he meant. It’s one of the very first steps a woman takes when starting a new relationship.

She Thinks About You All The Time

A woman will think about you all the time, whether she is in your house, somewhere else, or at a bar. She’ll think about things you just said, things you did, your values and your opinions on a variety of things. She thinks about what you are like as a man, and what your values are as a man. She may also be curious about you- wondering where you came from, how you learned the values that you have, and whether she would be able to maintain those values. She may also be considering your potential as a long-term partner.

She Is Curious About What You Look Like

She asks you where you got your shirt, because she couldn’t help wondering what the color was. She might also inquire about your age, or whether you have children, or where you grew up, or are from. She may also ask for that picture. She will also ask for details about your family, your education, your occupation, your likes and dislikes, just to make sure she has an idea about you and your life.

She Communicates And Dates You

She calls you to ask how you are. She also sends you flowers and asks what you’re doing this weekend. She also finds a way to be in the same place you are when you aren’t with your girlfriend. She wants to know these things because she needs to know if she has a chance at being in a relationship with you. She also wants to know these things so she can determine whether you are willing to invest your time and energy with her.

She Talks About Her Situation Frequently

A woman who is interested in what you are doing and what you are into will often refer to herself as “one of your friends.” She may say, “I am really enjoying this workshop/ seminar,” or “I am supposed to be at this networking event.” She is talking about her own pursuits and interests so she can better understand you. It doesn’t matter if she’s a business woman or a stay-at-home mom; she will talk about herself. She just wants to be included in what you are doing.

She Sorceresses That You Are Available To Her

When a woman likes you, she will look to be available. She will offer to check your phone or pick up your dry cleaning. She will also call you to make sure you arrived home safe. She will contact you about what you ate and when you are scheduled for your next grooming. She will ask you out of the blue to go to a social event you know she’ll be at. She will make it seem as if she is pleading to be with you.