The Best Way to Approach Beautiful Women
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The Best Way to Approach Beautiful Women

So you have worked up the courage to approach women. Now you see her, you want to approach her and there you are thinking where to take your first step. Hopefully the woman is not with another man, or even worse, another woman. What do you do. First you need to de-couple yourself from the outcome. Remember, goal setting is something that most successful people have and that is a habit that they do not want to forget. Most of the time, my clients want me to give them a list of things they need to do in order to achieve their outcome. There is some merit to that but, if you want to learn how to approach beautiful women then it needs to start with you.

Let’s say for example you see a beautiful woman, you want to approach her, what do you do

a. Walk up to her and ask a question

b. Ask an opinion

c. Make a comment

Are you following? If you are wondering how to approach beautiful women, the first step is to be brave enough to talk to them in a friendly way. Maybe ask her a simple question. That’s not as scary as we might think it is. Heroic actions will not only help you learn how to approach beautiful women, it will help you in other areas of your life. It helps you be more confident. It establishes a pattern of behavior.

If you’re a scared person then you need to find the courage to act. It also helps women who are being approached get an “across the bridge” sort of an adventure.Here is a secret. Women love to have fun and even more so are attracted to men that know how to make them feel good. There is a saying that we should learn to live with the consequences of our actions. So if you’re going to be as social a man as you can be, don’t be afraid to approach beautiful women, because they love being approached and they will appreciate the fact that they are approached.

Let me give you the basics of how to approach beautiful women with confidence, starting now, go over these steps:

1. Look her in the eyes.

2. Speak slowly.

3. Do not spend any special time wondering what to say or what to wear. Just conduct yourself like it’s no big deal.

4. Add humor.

It helps with the ice break and breaking the ice doesn’t have to be boring or confrontational. If it is not your thing, then be yourself and leave it at that. Don’t try and pretend because we all know that the best lies are not lies. They hold the truth and the truth itself will humble you. It is not about being a Presenter; we all know that we are not big fans of themselves. Honesty does a lot for you, but keep it simple.

Do these things and you will see her legs before you know it and if you are lucky maybe even before you know it

Now, that’s how to conduct yourself in the beginning and it does not necessarily have to be your favorite thing to do. Some of us like to do only this one thing in particular and we simply make it a way to live our whole lives who knows its advantages. It does not have to be a big thing or a fascinating routine, those things have their value and don’t know how to use them fully unless you were to share them with others.

It is a mystery to me, how a girl can be attracted to a guy who thinks that shyness is a good way to get a woman in the first place. It does seem that the more social a man becomes, the more acquired he becomes, and the more his peers judge him because we know how rare that is.