How to Avoid Being Friends1
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How to Avoid Being Friends

Do you know how to avoid being friend zoned by a woman? What is the friend zone? Most men do not know this. This is a place where a man escalates a sexual relationship with a woman, but doesn’t end up going anywhere. It is named after of course because of Jack talking to Don Juan in ” Breakfast”.

The friend zone is bad news

As a matter of fact, it is one of the main reasons why some men are unable to get women attracted to them. They are always seeing a woman as a friend, and never interacting with her in a sexual way. Here are the things you must and must not do if you want to be seen as just friends, rather than a guy she just wanted to be friends with.Never talk about sex. Never talk about sex on the first meeting with a woman. By doing so, she will think of you as a good friend, nothing more. Continue talking about her family, her work, or hobbies. If she is your friend, she is there for you, so share information about hers, not yours.

Meet her in a casual setting. Make it seem like you are meting for coffee, or for some kind of grabby purpose. Do not give her your business card or your number, and even if you do, don’t use it. Meet her in a casual setting, and don’t talk about your work or business problems. This is the kind of woman you are looking for, because she is likely to be searching for the same thing. Be tactful.How do you find out if your woman friend thinks of you as a friend or a lover? It could be hard, but you can listen to her body language if she is flirting. Try to see things from her point of view.Does she give you the eyes? When you are talking, are you looking down, or cheating by looking at the television or your phone?

Talk tactfully

While talking, move towards her to listen quietly, and ask her if she wants your business. When she answers, listen to her, and make some response. You can then build on things she says.Body language.Do this tactically, and when she shares her thoughts, hear her means of saying it. So, you would not say this kind of thing, “Oh, Your uncle must have been a pathetic housekeeper, huh?” Instead, it would be something like, “Honey, I know this is absolutely impossible, but I have to ask. What’s your family like?”

Have the right intentions. Do you want to just be friends with her, or do you also want her to see you as a prospective partner. Be sure that you bring it up casually. Bring it up while you are talking, ask questions about it like, “Is there a story behind that?”Do not come on too strong.Do not use pickup-lines every time you have a conversation with her. If you really want to be friends with her, be light, funny, engaging, you know and don’t try too hard to be funny or engaging.

Show her you can be friends with her

You can be friends with her, all you need to do is figure out what she likes, what makes her roll her eyes, what moves her in her mind, what she thinks is hilarious and interesting and whatever she likes to do. Maybe she can invite you next time and you can just be her friend.Keep it subtle.Do not be too overt or too threatening with a woman, usually it is the lightest rejection that confuses her and makes her run away faster. If you want to keep things as you are, keep it subtle. Your ability to respect her and keep your dignity is going to show her your intentions. So just keep going with being a good friend.