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Female Attraction Secrets – Three Secrets to Make You Irresistible to Women

Three Female Attraction Secrets to any woman. I’ve received some good feedback on this article from guys and I agree with it. There are a lot of things that you can do to learn to be more confident, especially around women. This article will give you three techniques which will help you to get the woman.

You will need to stay away from these mistakes:

Attraction Secrets

1.Not showing a woman that you are extremely interested in her.2.Trying to impress a woman and contrary to what most guys believe, women really get turned off by that.3.. behaving in a supplicating way with women.

These are the most destructive mistakes anyone can do with women.

To be irresistible to women, you have to be interested in her and ready to share your life with her. The first technique which you will use in this article is not a secret at all. You will simply have to stop acting confident with women. Yes, you should stop leaning forward, sharing stories and acting confidently with women.

Instead, you will have to practice a “push pull” personality. What do I mean by this?

I mean that you should show her that you are interested in her, but at the same time you should behave in a way that you are attracted to her. This is by playing hard to get with her.

Many guys are simply clueless. They believe that they have to impress a woman, so they will play it cool while showing her they are interested in her. Unfortunately, this routine won’t make your attraction to her skyrocket.

It will only make her lose interest when she Figures out that you are only interested in her for her body.

Attraction Secrets

The second valuable technique I’m going to reveal to you is stop trying to impress a woman.

The more you do it, the more predictable it will become. Instead, act in a way that interests her. When you’ve been speaking for a while, make her do most of the talking, but tell her you are interested in learning more about her.

When you show a woman that you aren’t trying to impress her, it gets her to work for your attention. Instead of trying to impress her, you will get her interested in you.

The third technique is ignoring the outcome.

Yes, you have probably heard that you have to act as if you are not interested in sleeping with her. I agree with it, but there is one thing I have to say about this. Understand this: Never Hits on a woman if you don’t want to Attract her.

For Acting attracted

  • Men are hit on so many times that they have become experts when it comes to attracting beautiful women.
  • They kiss up to a woman and try to convince her to go home with him.
  • They use pick up lines that they think will work and end up being rejected.
  • They suffer from the emotional states called drama and cling to the woman because they are afraid they will not get to sleep with her.
  • This is to prevent you from having these terrible emotions called ‘standoff’.
  • What you must understand is there is a difference between being interested in a woman and being interested in having her as your lover.
  • You show interest in her the moment you meet her.

You will have more opportunities to demonstrate your attraction the minute you start interacting with her.

Attraction Secrets