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The Top 5 Things Men Really Want in a Woman

Men Really Want – Why is it that women always want to get their partners spanking them, anyway? I mean, how can a woman be the “whole package” when she herself is half-conscious about putting on the “whole package”? And the idea that a man is all about “Spankitude” and wants a woman to act like something that he is not even interested in is hard to conceive! Yet, women are suckers for this sort of behavior.

Men Really Want

Now before you start getting the trophy thinking on your stick of sweet candy, think again. In reality, not all men are like what you are thinking. In fact, most men may freak out when they find that their women are doing this. But now, before you start waving the white flag, think this way- what if his feelings are actually for real? In case you didn’t know, men LOVE the thrill of the chase..assuming the woman is actually worth it in the end.

Here’s the Top 5 Things that men really want in a woman

What they will really,reallyreallyreallydo if you allow them to have their way:

  1. Respect. You know how respectful a man can be to you, right? Well, you can count on your man standing firmly in his place when you need a friend or a sounding board. Even if what you are discussing is something that you seriously care about, his deep love and respectful support will make him stand his ground without you even having to raise your voice.
  2. Support.You can count on support from your man when the going gets tough. Would you count on him when things go downhill for you? A man needs to feel that even the smallest details that he provides are valued and appreciated. So it doesn’t matter if you are not as “super” his quality of life as you want him to be-he will honor your requests, no matter what.
  3. Privacy.Men don’t need that extra level of closeness. So you don’t need to wondering where he is and what he is doing all of the time. Of course he will be quick to return your phone calls, texts and mails-but he will never be so eager to give you more of yourself at your fingertips. He will care less about the hours you have together and more about the quality of time you spend together men really want.
  4. Adventure.Pop culture says that a man wants to be the one who has to save the day and answer the sky’s inexorable beck and call-and if you want a man who will be that unadulterated romantic, then be romantic. A man who will treat you as the delicate flower that has every advantage, despite your weaknesses and imperfections, is one who will be faithful to you.
  5. Passion.When you have eyes only for him, to whom do you think he is, really? A Passion that drives him is one who will also drive him to be the man of your dreams. A passionate Marathe is one who will want to be the best in his personal life and will care less if he is the only one.
  6. Magic.All the tests that you have to undergo to be the best woman that you are, in his eyes, is no mean thing. Take your magic moments and don’t give up on him. Even if it means dating a jealous, overprotective and possessive guy, allow his ideal partner to emerge from his conjured space. If not, then you really don’t deserve to be with him Men Really Want.

Men Really Want