Flirt With a Woman
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How to Flirt With a Woman – What to Do When She Flirts With You

Flirt With a Woman

How to flirt with a woman is probably the most important stage in attracting her. If you are unable to flirt in the right way with a woman, she would never feel attraction for you. However, there is a very important thing you have to know: when she flirts with you, you have to behave in the exact same way.

When she flirts with you, you have to turn her energy on, so that she gets the message you want her to get. This is what we call the emotional treadmill, where you turn the girl’s energy on, by acting in a specific way.

Instead of turning into a Crazy guy, use these techniques to turn women on easily.

1. – Use the sexual tension

We are not referring here to the typical ‘sexual’ teasing. You have to distinguish between the two. With sexual teasing, you are simply adding a different type of feeling to the conversation.

There is one constraint for you to avoid sexual teasing. You have to maintain the difference: secondly, do not talk about sex when you are talking to her. If she feels uncomfortable talking about it, you have to tell her that it is not appropriate.

2. – Create sexual tension

By developing sexual tension, you will achieve a lot more with women than simply turning her on by making her laugh.

Women will start researching more info about you, including what you like. For this reason, they will start to act differently around you, especially when she is trying to measure up to your standards. She will also put extra effort to appear perfect when she is with you.

If you want women to act differently around you, you will have to develop sexual tension. Women will respond to sexual tension by feeling goosebumps, and other signs of attraction. They will share your conversation with their girlfriends.

3. – piano playing

Playing the piano is the best way to build rapport with a woman. When you are talking to her, you need to play in a soft yet loud manner. The keys to this are letting the note flow from your fingers, and from there, you are creating a sense of excitement with the volume.

You should also keep demonstrating emotional closeness with her. When you are playing the piano, you need to show her the emotional range with your tone. She must feel romantic, sad, and happy in different contexts. She must feel the various emotions you are speaking from.

You should therefore learn some scales and have an idea of what each minor scale represents. When you hit the keys, she will associate you with any emotional feeling.

4. – Body language

Body language is crucial to flirt with a woman. Men make the mistake of thinking that the best way to flirt with a woman is by using pick up lines.

I’ve no doubt that many men are good with women, but they make the mistake of saying the same thing over and over again. They are so predictable!

There is always a need for men to stand out, to create their own image. This leads them to achieve a sense of sensuality and masculinity. Standing out from the crowd means to flaunt your confidence flexing those muscles.

As sensuality is very much related to your emotional state, it is very important to keep your emotions balanced and stable.

Flirt With a Woman