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How To Know The Way A Woman Really Thinks And Feels About You

Feels – Every woman is a unique individual. No two women on the planet are exactly the same. Why would you think learning how to know a woman’s way of thinking would be a walk in the park? It’s no idea how different a woman is until you’ve personally known her for years.

Having a one-of-a-kind woman is great. In her eyes, you’re the last man on earth and she can’t live without you. But that doesn’t mean you in turn should treat her that way.

Many women have a way of thinking and feeling protection in a man. Security is a huge plus! And if she feels like she’s secure in your love and presence, she will be less likely to walk on you.


So understanding a woman’s way of thinking is critical to your success

Because once you understand how she thinks, you will be able to anticipate her actions. You’ll soon know when she’s upset with you, or wants you to spend more time with her, or even if she’s ready for a relationship with you!

If you’re one of the many men that seek to understand the mystery of womanhood, listen up!

The key is to keep your own sense of humor. Nobody wants to be with a sourpuss, especially a woman! And what about if she’s one of those extremely hot women who frightens you with her arsenal of witty repartee and final equations. The key to dealing with a woman like this is to understand that she is not trying to insult you. She simply has an extremely different personality than you and your behavior will not be insulting to her.


Sadly, most women possess the classic moth-to-woman body

Structure where women are turned on by the sights of a great looking man with bulging biceps and ripped abs. At the same time, such women also desire the security of a financially secure man, someone who travels, has a job and does not have a lot of hair. So security also has to be looked at as being important to a woman.

Now that you know the difference between aatable woman and an obnoxious woman, you also need to understand which tactics will get a woman to want to be with you.

Some objects of attraction are obvious ones. Money, power, status and surroundings are all obvious attractors for a woman. So if you see yourself as being one of these objects, you can be sure that she is already attracted to you.

However, if you’re going out on a date with a woman that just doesn’t feel spark in your eyes, then one of the most important actions for you as a man is to shut up and listen to her! Find out what details of her life are interesting to you, and let her talk about them. Take an interest!

Allow Her To Breathe

I know that breathing is a whole lot more difficult than fingernails, but some men are naturals at fainting themselves unconscious when they’re in a bad relationship. It’s all about the balance, and making sure that she isn’t breathing your air is a real test of a man’s manliness.

The bottom line is that allowing a woman some breathing space when she’s feeling out of sorts is just good manners. And the only way to do it without hurting her feelings is to hold her hand and keep her steady and keep her from turning to your left and smacking you on the nose because she can’t stand your nose.