Did Your Boyfriend Just Stop Talking to You
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Did Your Boyfriend Just Stop Talking to You

Don’t Delay, Find Out What Pushed Him to Be Silent

There are so many reasons a man would suddenly give you the silent treatment. That he is not in a good mood, having a bad day at the office is just one. Find out what pushed him to his silent self. He’s got a problem that he just can’t share with you.Perhaps it’s nothing to do with you as a woman but rather with him as a boyfriend. He is not comfortable sharing his problems with just anyone. Perhaps you are the only one that he feels he can share these problems with.

It was a long and unpleasant fight

It’s not like he didn’t hit you, or beat you, or even just get in a verbal daughter. The point is, he pushed you away not because he is upset with you but because he wants to teach you a lesson. Parents guide: don’t go asking him what he said to you. The best thing is to just listen to what he tells you.

He wants to put it behind him

Recall when you two were in the car and he was talking about how tough the world is. somewhere you saw them, maybe in a park. It may have been a little embarrassing for you but to him, he was just sharing with his friends what he felt. The point is, he wants to put it behind him. Perhaps there were words exchanged between the two of you but it doesn’t matter. He pushed you away not because he was angry but because he wants to teach you a lesson.

It’s too blurry

He’s not Mother and akings picture of your girlfriend; sometimes protector, most friend. Who’s to argue with two of those anyway? So if he wants to be protective of you, he goes the perfect route. He will shout at you but still managed to put himself in the middle of the picture. The problem is, you do not know what the fuzzy picture really is.

It’s too erotic

Oh no! It’s time for an update. He may be withdrawing from you but if the reason is because of this one night stands, then maybe it’s time to reconsider if he is worth the ditch. He was clearly avoiding you before so it would be a surprise if he would suddenly beg for intimacy.

He has a personal issue

Did you see his oozing ulterior motive as you loitered in the ladies room? He may have thought of blasting you with some choice letter from his private. And this is coming from a guy who once had you holding his . Everything is love.

It’s too much hard work

Guys would rather sit around, sigh, disconnect from phone, find themselves somewhere – in fact, anywhere in the house. They would rather spend some down time with their mates rather than being at home and doing chores that they don’t want to do. If this is the kind of guy you’re dealing with, gently persuade him that you won’t have it. Let him know that there is another man out there that would love you just as you are. He may beg but rest assured, he won’t regret it.

There is no more connection

Sometimes, it may still be hard to figure out why you’re walking on egg shells. He may be pulling away because it feels that he just doesn’t connect with you anymore. Different strokes for different folks. These are clear signs that he may be wanting out but you might be making it worse. It would be best to end things before he does so just so he won’t have an excuse to get on his knees and beg for another try. If you are walking this tightrope, and he’s the one who’s at fault for your Lonely nights, then maybe it’s about time to look for someone who’d love you for the person that you are.