Friend to Be Your Girlfriend
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3 Tips for Asking Your Friend to Be Your Girlfriend

So you have a friend that you think might be a great girlfriend! Well, we all know how difficult it can sometimes be to be the guy who has a close girl friend, considering that the two of you probably see each other CONSTANTLY.Because of this, you have to really take your time and make sure that you let your friend know FIVE WEEKS before you tell her how you feel.Being “Mr. Nice Guy” has never got her more attracted than by being the man who tells her once that he thinks she’s a fantastic girlfriend.

But such a weird thing happens: Most guys usually have to tell a woman they like her for at least a month before actually telling her that they think she’d be a great girlfriend.Seriously! Finally, after having waited at least FEELING months for that moment when you finally realize that you want her to be your girlfriend, it might be the best time as any to tell her how you feel.Why?

Well, exactly YOU are feeling that way, aren’t you?

So after waiting at least a month, you don’t feel ANY reason NOT to tell her that you are romantically attracted to her, and you don’t care whether she has a boyfriend at the moment.Think about it: If you tell a woman you’re attracted to her, then she really may get romantically attracted to you, too!But if you wait for at least a month, you may NEVER get a chance to tell her how you feel.It’s the same with mail order girlfriends. You are fortunate if she ever actually TOO excited to see the “1,000 page eBook” that you got her from Amazon. It’s the same with mail order dates. Even though you know that she probably has Grandma, she may be too embarrassed to admit that she is attracted to you.

This is a GOOD thing, though

You see, this is one of the ONLY ways to get the whole dating family to “get together” to talk about how to get the girl you finally know to be your girlfriend..In other words, tell the truth, and DON’T “give away” the whole shebang…withhold sex, or all that good stuff. Instead, tell her how you feel, and CAN’T STOP THINKING about her.In fact, if you DON’T “give away” the whole shebang, then you have one of the best possible chances of being able to get her to be your girlfriend.Why?Because you can stand out as the guy who ISN’T co-dependent with her.

And that’s the best possible way for her to see you as a completely different man, in the long run.By being honest about how YOU feel, you will give HER the chance to see that you’re the confident, sexual, and powerful guy that she’s been looking for all along.And once she DOES decide that you are all of that, things will get WONDERFUL.

All room, all of the time

Naturally, if you only “give away” the romance part, after only ONE meeting, she may not be able to exactly decide whether or not she’s going to be your girlfriend.But if you can stick around in first, when you show her the truth, in pretty much every possible way, you can be sure that she’ll be keeping you in mind for a VERY long time.The BEST way to get the most out of your friendship with women is to show honesty right from the start. Show her you’re not afraid to be honest about how YOU feel, and she’ll have no problem being honest back.

When you can weather the storms of life, holding back on your affection for her is one of the best ways to have relationships that stay in place.