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Don’t Lose Control of Your Relationships – Holding the Reins

Have you been known to be the death drag of a relationship or relationship that has been a roller coaster ride for quite some time? Does it seem like you can’t control your relationship at all and that everything you do or say is wrong and no one listens to you? Experts say if you’re Weather Woman, you may gain control of your relationship through recognizing and learning these secrets to the relationship future.

Control is always a part of every relationship whether you like it or not. We create the outcomes, which if you’re at the wheel all the time except for maybe the occasional vacation where we don’t want to be when our guy has to go to work. That’s right, we’ll probably sit at home crying our eyes out because we don’t care at all. Life is about control and when it’s lost, it’s hard to find.


Control is one of the ways that we communicate and do many things in life

For many women the degree of control they have in a relationship is around your ability to communicate with a man on a deeper level, which includes making him feel that everything he does has an impact on you.

Men are naturally very well organized, paid in consistent perfection. Unfortunately women are anywhere but that, being a constant control issue and having to explain and salvage seemingly endless and pointless problems. You may sit and discuss one thing logically and he will completely argue on the other. When it comes to arguments, men have little to no control, no matter how hard some may try. But, it is not in their nature to prevent themselves from getting closer to you even when they’re at their limits. That’s when they find themselves saying, “I love you,” because that’s truly what they’re feeling.

Communication is the key, but the conversation must be balanced and civil

It has been said that a persistent witness is a patient posses. Relationships truly have been built on trust, but trust cannot occur if there is no communication. Relationship is a game, and part of the game requires that you control the rules.

But, if you begin controlling your man, he will become a little annoyed and even disinterested. He wants you, to appeal to his heart, to make him feel better about life. He wants to feel that the person that he fell in love with so many years ago has grown into someone who understands him and the life he has to offer. His role as a provider, fiance, confidant, and more recently, personal chef, has begun to define the man he wants to be.

But, never does that mean you have to lose yourself

Demonstrate to your man that you especially appreciate the great relationship you both have created and always will be eager to lose yourself in his life. Whether it is in the bedroom, or over the kitchen table, always, always allow him to define ‘you’.

Men are great conversationalists, but sometimes they speak the language of approval. For years women have known what the secret handshake is. However, in the case of his approval radio silence, it is time you understood it. If a man is not saying all the things he wants to say, there were probably some things he is edifying in his own world. Sometimes you have to ask.