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Ways To Date Smarter – Whether you are single or dating, these 7 tips for smarter dating can help you be more attractive to your future partner. These tips include using your body language, asking your date for permission, and leaning toward your date.

Body language

Using body language to communicate is a crucial aspect of modern communications. Whether you are dating, leading a business, managing or parenting, you are likely to encounter a situation where you need to use body language. Having a better understanding of this communication style can help you in your quest to become a better communicator.

Many body language signals carry a specific meaning. However, they also carry a relative meaning. Hence, it is important to keep an open mind when interpreting body language signals. In some cases, even a signal that appears to be obvious can be missed by others. This can be especially true when communicating online.

Some body language signals are environmental. This means they depend on the individual’s social group. For example, crossed arms convey feelings of warmth, confidence, or safety. But they can also indicate an uncomfortable situation.

Similarly, a person’s yawning may be a sign of lack of sleep. And if someone rubs their eyes, it can mean irritation. Some signals have sexual overtones. The position of the feet can also reveal secret messages.


Body language is a natural and evolutionary part of human development. Some aspects of it are inborn while others are learned. However, the precise combination of genetic and environmental influences is not known. In many cultures, these factors differ.

In today’s multicultural societies, it is important to be aware of the cultural differences. In addition to body language, you should also be aware of the importance of personal space. Some people prefer to be closer to others while others prefer to be farther away.

If you have a positive relationship with someone, you may feel comfortable with their personal space. This can make communication easier. But if you have a bad relationship with someone, you may find it difficult to communicate. Fortunately, you can use body language to help you resolve relationship problems.

One common way to control your body language is to concentrate on your face. When you smile, you move only the lower half of your face. You can also use a fake smile. A fake smile can be a social courtesy or a way to deceive others.

Facial expressions

Using facial expressions to figure out your dates is one of the many challenges facing modern daters. Fortunately, there are a few tools available to help you. These include the aforementioned Affectiva and FacioMetrics, and the less than sexy Sightcorp Face Reader API.


EmoVu is a company that produces facial detection tools, including the aforementioned ones, in addition to a bevy of other products. Their products incorporate machine learning to better detect facial expressions. They also offer a number of tracking and analytics features. Their website includes a number of useful tutorials, if you’re interested in incorporating facial recognition into your product or app. They offer a free demo and platform support, including iOS and Android.

Kairos is another company that offers facial recognition APIs. They offer a number of free and paid APIs, including their Emotion Analysis API, which analyzes responses to commercial ads. The company’s API documentation is transparent, and they have a thriving developer community. They also offer a free demo, which is the perfect opportunity to test out their API. The Emotion Analysis API is a scalable and on-demand solution.

Lastly, the aforementioned Affectiva offers a nice visual analytics solution. They also offer a number of developer tools, including APIs for mobile, PC, and web developers, as well as a test demo. The company’s sonic algorithms perform a number of tasks, including analyzing recorded speech for words and tones. They’ve also got a hefty database of more than three million faces, and are working on adding new features to their software.

Ways To Date Smarter

Ways To Date Smarter